Before starting practicing kitesurf and before start using your Kiteboarding Gear which is composed of Harness, Board, Kite and Bar, it’s mandatory to understand how your kitesurf will operate based on movements of your bar.

  1. Wind Window

Understanding wind window is very important to you to manage your kite power and surf later that’s why we recommend that you understood below details and dedicated more time for practicing during your kitesurf stage.

A wind window is a three dimensional sky downwind of the kite surfer, it’s a half a sphere beyond the rider when the wind is coming from the back, to facilitate imagine that you are sitting, wind is coming from your back your kite is in the sky exactly above you this the Zenith, and you manage it with your 25 meters, kite bar, so the wind window will be in front of you with a rayon of 25 meters.

Wind Window

The wind window is where the kite could stand without making any power to lift you.

Now check this video to understand and later we will explain different zones of wind window.


  1. Power Zones

When making movement of your kite from right to left or from left to right pending of your speed your kite will pass with different power zones, this power zones are needed in order to lift you from the water during the water start or to track you when wind is not so efficient.

Now have a look on below video to understand the power zones.


As a simple exercise to familiarize yourself with wind window and power zones, we highly recommend that you start with a small size kite adaptable for training in order to avoid hitting any object when using the kite in power zone.

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