As stated before practicing KITESURF, requires acquisition of bar in order to control your kites direction and power. Bars if they look similar but their behaviour and performance are not similar and depend on kite type that you are using.

There are many manufacturers of bars, such as switch kite, F-One, Cabrinha, we recommend that your kite and bar shall be from the same manufacturer to avoid any confusion during installation and use your kite at its full performance.

Below an overview and autopsy of a kitesurf control bar.


  • Chicken Loop: Chicken loop is composed from a loop and a pin, it connects you to the harness.
  • Front Lines: are the middle lines in the bar it controls the power of the kite.
  • Rear Lines: are the lines at the left and right side, they control the kite direction.
  • Quick Release: quick release systems are introduced since 2008 to reduce kite accidents, when you activate it will depower totally the kite.

There are two types of bar, 4 lines bars and 5th lines bars, difference between are related to the safety, power and depower systems.

NORTH KITEBOARDING has introduced a new video to show difference between the two types, just have a look on it.


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