Practicing KITESURF requires acquisition of different gears, for beginner this step is very important as they need to acquire the best gear suitable to their level, acquisition of a kitesurf pack for advanced level will lead to many troubles for kite manipulation and safety, below a overview of what needed to practice KITESURF, more details for each gear will be explained in other posts.

  1. KITE

To practice kitesurfing you need to get a kite suitable to the wind on which you will surf, to your weight and to your level and activity (Freeride, Freestyle, Race…).

There is many shapes and forms of kites (C-Shape, Hybrid…) this shapes are according to which activity you will practice.

VERY IMPORTANT: You have to get your kite pump.


  1. Board

Another Gear very important, is your board, two types of boards exist in the world of kitesurfing (Directional & Twin Types), for beginner it’s important to get a twin type board, big volume (size), and straps adopted to your feet sizes.boards

  1. Harness

Two types of Harness exists,(Waist or Seat), the more important is that you need to be comfortable in your harness, the type depends on your level, you need a seat harness for the 3 first sessions and later you will switch to the waist as it is more comfortable and more efficient and easy to (1)

  1. Wet Suite (Optional)

A wetsuit is important and primordial if you are the type who doesn’t like cold weathers and even some cold; size is very important and dependent on your spot location, weather conditions…


VERY IMPORTANT: wetsuits sizes and thickness depends on weather conditions there is no suite suitable for all weathers.

  1. Kite Bars

To connect and manipulate your kite, you need a kitebar, bar are composed of frontal line, back lines, and bar, depending on your kite you have to choose a 5th line or 4th line bar, for beginner it’s important to practice with 4 line bar / kite.

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