Kitesurf Injury & Precautions

Today Kitesurfing is becoming more and more frequent; number of Kites flying in Beach is increasing every day. The problem for the new Kite surfer that they are not very familiar with the Kitesurf Priority rules, security of them and people around them, many kite surfers ends in Hospitals due to unexpected wind conditions, damage on others properties and even more to death…

Objective of this study is to provide all Kite surfers new and old with an overview about Injuries that could happen, precautions to be taken before and after any injury and the well-being.

  • Basic Rule: RELEASE your kite when you feel that you could not control it during strong wind gusts.

Even now on 2017 and after many researches in Kite Safety System, always keep in mind that Hman sense is the only survival system that you have during a Kite Session so Unhook your kite when you feel overpowered or during unexpected wind guests.

Christoph Nickel, made a medical study on many kitesurf injuries and he provides the following diagram below about main Human Body Locations & Main Injuries.

Injury Location Percentage
Foot & ankle 28.20%
Skull 13.70%
Knees 12.90%
Chest 12.90%
Hands & wrist 8.90%
Calfs 5.60%
Thigh 4.00%
Elbows 4.00%
Trunks 3.20%
Hip 2.40%
Forearm 2.40%
Shoulders 0.80%
Upper arm 0.80%


Contusion: 33.80%
Abrasion: 27.40%
Laceration: 16.90%
Joint sprain: 9.70%
Fracture: 3.20%
ACL rupture: 0.80%
PCL rupture: 0.80%
Polytrauma: 0.80%
Other: 6.50%


Based on results above, most of the Injuries recorded are arrived on Water, and the most frequent causes related to these accidents are:

  • Kite launch
  • Loss of control
  • Collision against obstacles
  • Crashes into the water
  • Overconfidence
  • Misinterpretation of the wind conditions
  • Incorrect kite line installation
  • Landing jumps and big airs


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