Are You Born to Be a KITESURFER?


Kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular nowadays mainly after some celebrities were showed doing it like Barrack OBAMA – USA President. But unfortunately Kitesurf is not suitable for all the peoples, and brains that’s why we will explain to you the checklist to do before starting Kiteboarding and before investing your TIME and MONEY.

Physical Capabilities

Are you suitable physically to start Kitesurfing? This is the most important question, many people try to start Kitesurfing without taking into consideration their physical capabilities, Kitesurfing requires physical capabilities like:

  • climbing,
  • jumping,
  • resistance to water shocks,
  • resistance to water temperature,
  • good swimming skills,
  • Body without old injuries mainly in Knees and elbows.

As stated above, if you are not able physically to perform the above physical acts we recommend to avoid any kitesurfing initiation you will lose your money and your time and, you will risk and harm yourself first and others, mainly in case if you have old injuries the risk will be increased, we invite you to check our post regarding Kitesurf Injuries.

Psychological Capabilities

Same as physical you have to check if you are able psychologically to perform kitesurfing or not, so we invite you to check the list below, kitesurfing is dangerous that’s why most schools require from you to sign a contract and if you get closer look you will see that there is a clause mentioning that they are not accountable for any disagreement that you will did. You shouldn’t practice Kitesurfing if you are the kind of person who:

  • Does not like to take risks
  • Not able to evaluate risks
  • You feel angry if people / other students starts laughing

If you are one from the above we recommend you to don’t make any risks and avoid confrontations KITESURFING requires a person who would like to take risks and look for more & more adrenaline, and in the same time a person who could evaluate risks, launching a kite in the middle of the beach were many Child are playing is very risky for example.

While starting Kitesurfing you will be in a school and the trainer will train you with others, while practicing you will see that during making water start you will launch and overpower your kites and you will hit the water within funny figures, some people will take pictures or laugh while watching you as you will be too funny so if you are the kind of person who does not like other laughing on him we recommend you to avoid Kiteboarding because for your sure you will make troubles.

Time Availability

Practicing Kitesurf requires a lot of time, learning curve for kitesurf depends from a person to another, roughly 20 sessions of 06 hours are required within good mentoring  to be considered as a Kitesurfer Beginner and able to navigate alone without any assistance. We invite you first to check the below list before so you know if you are born to Kitesurf or not.

Are you able to:

  • Free yourself for 06 Hours to practice Kitesurfing.
  • Don’t have any Time obligations in case Wind Previsions are confirmed.
  • Travel from / to the Spot does not take too much time (1 Hour Max).
  • Could travel to kitesurf in Short notice.

Kitesurfing requires a lot of Time, and is not suitable for the person who have time engagement mainly employees within a time constraints at offices, students who requires permanent presence… so if time is a constraint, so kitesurfing is not your sport, Wind Previsions are not very well predictable and you have to free yourself when previsions are optimistic.

Spots Availability

Now you have time, you have purchased your Kitesurf Gears, but what about the surrounding spots near to your area. You are able to practice this sport if:

  • Spots are near to your location (20 to 40 KM)
  • Availability of Kitesurf Practitioners and Schools
  • Spots are suitable for different wind directions
  • Availability of Life Guards.
  • Spots are not much crowded.

Practicing Kitesurf will require that you can arrive at least after one hour travel to your spot, but as you could not practice alone and you need assistance mainly for Kite launching you need to practice in a spot where there is other Kitesurfer this is a big advantage as they will help you to advance and sharp your knowledge and skills.

But main issue is where you have an available Kitesurf Spot but wind is most on the time is on offshore, practicing kitesurf require that wind shall be onshore to avoid any risks, so it will not be suitable to have a Kitesurf Spot but where conditions are not favorable.

Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, mainly when you fall in the large and you could not travel back to the beach, in this case you have to be sure that there is available life guards within a dedicated boat this will bring you some confidence so you can advance in practicing. Same the spot shall be not much crowded you could not launch your kite in a crowded beach where you can harm others, for examples a kitesurf bar with 4 lines has a capacity of 01 Ton, each line could support 250 KG weight, think about a line traveling at the speed of 20 Knots and hitting a child for sure there will be huge damages.

Fixed Money Spent

Money spent is the big issue for all Kitesurfers around the world, so you have to avoid any issues and waste of time if you are not able to :

  • Finance your kitesurf trips
  • Finance your kitesurf training
  • Finance your kitesurf gears

Trip of Kitesurf requires a fixed money amount, for each trip you have to finance your car gasoline, your meal and small amount for any surprises, this total amount depend from a person to other and from country to others as a rule of thumb 50 USD are needed for each Kitesurf Trip so if you practice Kitesurf 04 times a month you will require a fixed amount of 200 USD.

Kitesurf also requires first that you get a training at least on the basics, such wind direction, kitesurf Tips & Tricks for safety, kite Launching, Wind Window…this could be done online within tutorial but a practical session in a dedicated Kitesurf School is required, such training costs around 80 to 120 USD per session approximatively.

After your training you are able now to purchase your own gear we recommend that you buy a second hand Kites before, this will saves you a lot of money, a complete 2nd hand Kitesurf Gear costs approximately between 1000 to 1500 USD including, 10m Kite, Bar, Harness, Twin Tip Board, and a wet suit.

Availability of Trainer & Schools

Kitesurfing will be hard for you mainly if:

  • There is no school available in your surrounding spot
  • No accredited trainers available
  • No suitable Kitesurf Gears available

To start Kitesurf you require a dedicated training sessions in an accredited school, this will help you to understand the basics and advance quickly, problem nowadays that not all school are available near your nearest spots, in some case you need to travel and spend one week at least, some schools provide accommodation, check before going.

Other issue is, that you can find school but there are no enough trainers or trainers are not adequately suitable to train others, same some school suffer from lack of material and availability of Kite & Harness mainly in size, for example it will not be suitable and it will be difficult to learn kitesurfing within a kite of 12 m if you have 60 Kg weight and the wind is 25 Knots, so we invite you to check reliable school before any engagement.

Availability of Team Mate

To keep motivation and practicing the sport, it is preferable to have a team mate, this has a big advantage like in body building, having a team mate will help so much to keep motivation, to get encouragement, to share trip expenses…further to that this will help you to advance and have some confidence during your kite sessions.

Wind Previsions

If all the criteria above are satisfied, but there is no wind this will be a waste of time & money, for example it is not great to start Kitesurfing if you have 10% days per year of Wind, so before taking decision to practice or not Kitesurfe please check your city and neighbor area wind statistics, many websites provides such information.


As a resume for the above you are born to be a Kitesurfer only if you have:

  • Enough time,
  • Financial Income,
  • Physical capabilities and moderate risks taking
  • Team mate
  • Spots and Schools are surrounding.


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