Build Your Own Kitesurf & Windsurf Gears from Scratch

Kitesurf Gears are the most discussed topic between fans and professionals of Kitesurf around the world, most of Kitesurfers would like to have a complete Kitesurf pack within the lowest prices, but how to do that when the new Kites are becoming more & more expensive.

In this tutorial a few steps are required to build you Kite / Surf / Windsurf gear within the lowest prices.


Follow The 2nd Hand Forums

Forums for sell and exchange of Kitesurf / Windsurf gear are becoming more and more popular mainly in Social media websites like Facebook, so to check the best offer you have to follow the 2nd hand kites / windsurf forums and groups in your area.

Make a quick Facebook search and subscribe to these groups and pages around you and have a look to check the best occasion.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Before subscription to a group, ensure that the group is always up to date, check that they have sufficient number of Subscribers, and offers are always up to date.
  • Once connected to a Facebook group, make sure to configure your notification settings, this will enable you to be notified always once someone post an item for sale and you will be the first to see it.


Always Check Kitesurf / Windsurf Schools

Kitesurf schools are always connected to the buyers & manufacturers around the world. Usually they renew their gears before start of each season, and end of the season they sold out everything and prepare a new purchase for the next new season.

Always approach these schools to be connected and to be informed once they have some gears to sell. You can sometimes obtain a 2nd hand Windsurf board within half of prices, which was used for few times by a beginner. This is a nice deal!!!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Try to make some friends and contacts in the training camps, schools of kitesurf and windsurf near you, this will be a great advantage so instead of travelling each time to check if they have something to sold out you will be contacted by phone.
  • Install a sticker or a post in some camps mentioning that you are interested to purchase some gears, advantage is that usually some beginners travel to the schools to sell out their gear and in case they see your advertisement they will contact you for sure.


Approach Beginners

Why you have to approach beginners?, usually beginners in Kitesurf, Windsurf or surf, purchase gears without knowing how to use or which kind & size is suitable for them, so some of them after several attempts to become a Kitesurfer or Windsurfer, they lose motivation and they change from hobby and starts selling their gears.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Try to make some visits in the spots near your surrounding area, you will see beginners trying to make water starts without success, approach and sympathize with them, so in case they will be demotivated they will sell their packs and you will be first person informed.


Approach Expats

In all countries there is a community of Expats, this people usually bring their own gears from abroad, pass their time and assignment period in your area doing Kite or windsurf, the problem comes when they change assignments’ and usually in short time notice, so what they do? Of course first thing they do is to start selling their furniture, including their kitesurf or windsurf gears.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Check in Facebook groups likes expats in ‘Your country’, you will found a group dedicated for this community, join this groups and follow them, you will probably found some interesting things to buy. And due to time constraint they will sell it as soon as possible as they get a good price.
  • Approach some expats practicing Kitesurf & Windsurf in spots near your geographic zone, get in touch with them and you will be informed if they will leave or not and you can ask them to sell their gears before leaving.

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