Kitesurfing Biggest Storm since 30 Years

Johsua Emanuel one of the talented and skilled Kitesurfer in the world, is always progressing and proving that he is made from Iron and he never quite, that’s why he challenged himself and surfed over the biggest storm that hit South Africa since 30 years.

On June 12, 2017, weather in South Africa changed dramatically and government asked citizen to stay at home and avoid going outside, all Police and Hospital were alerted due to that one of the biggest storms will hit coasts of South Africa, speed and power of this storm were not have been seen and recorded since 30.

Joshua Emanuel, was waiting this time to chase this storm and add it to his trophies, he performed such nice Kiteloops and changed the scene.

Below his statement & Video, Enjoy Watching and Keep in Touch.

Chasing down the biggest storm to hit South Africa in 30 years was an interesting one with super strong winds and at times the wind was very gusty. All round it was an awesome trip and well worth the experience!!

Filmed and edited by Carl Werner

Track by: Two Feet. have some drinks

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