Artificial 20 Foot Wave Similar to TEAHUPOO in Japan

Finally confirmed, for the next Olympic Games Japanese researchers firm have created a 20Ft barrel wave, on which many surfers could surf and make their heats, this wave is similar to “TEAHUPOO”.

This is a great scientific challenge as it will change the surf access mainly form countries where surfing waves is not accessible to all due to weather conditions and where waves are not so much popular.

Probably in the future and after the success of this project we will see many different Water Parks includes surfing waves in their activities.

Below statement of officials regarding this great invention, which will change practice of this sport in many countries and cities.

“We have watched with glee as western companies release wave after wave of inferior products,” they wrote. “The Nise No Nami wave is superior in every way. Not only does it create a perfect wave similar in size to maxing Teahupoo, it is made from GMO-free products, runs entirely on solar, creates jobs for thousands of people, and as a byproduct, releases a new compound that combats carbon emissions.”

The wave creation process is still confident but many leaks mentioned that process of the wave is to drop a large block of cement into a water pool creating a massive water displacement similar to a tsunami, for the barrel from, it is made by modeling satellite images of Teahupoo’s reef within an accuracy of 99%. Then it breaks using many artificial reefs. White sharks could be added to the water lagoon for more spectacular enjoyments.

When asked about their feedbacks, WSL officials Interim CEO Dirk Ziff said:

“Holy shit, I can’t believe this happened,” We’re so screwed. I can’t believe I let my wife talk me into doing this. All because she wanted to meet that handsome bastard Julian Wilson. Now we’re battling the Japanese for wave pool superiority.”


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