Australian Surf Cove of 1029 Wave Per Hour

Similar to what Japan researches developed (Please Read Our Post), another innovation is coming now directly from the Mediterranean sea, a Spanish surf pool company revealed that they are going to make a  dedicated artificial surf swimming pool capable of delivering around 1029 waves per hour which means approximately 16 waves per minutes.

Wavegarden (The Company) are trying to keep their product specification and technical data secret but they have already revealed and announced that their new developed technology could deliver a very shaped waves which can cross the pool in 18 seconds, height of the fabricated wave will be 2.1 meters, which very far enough for any surfer to get enjoyment from his surf session.

Project name is “The Cove” will be first time revealed to the world in the surf pool project in Sydney. Melbourne and Perth under the direction of Urbnsurf and controlled by the Wave Park Group.

Australian plan and Idea with this concept is to train their surfing teams in “The Cove” before going to make the challenges in Tokyo 2020.

Back to few years ago, Wavegarden has already installed surf pools in Wales and Austin. But few weeks later the two parks were forced to shut down due to malfunctioning of equipment and major breakdowns.

The race of the new concept of surf pool is becoming more and more popular US companies already joined the race with Japan and Spain, in TEXAS – USA at BSR Cable Park the American Wave Machine are building their new machine using the Perfect Swell Technology, and the Kelly Slater Wave Company joined the race and they start promoting to open also their first commercial park.

Below Promotional Video of “The Cove”.

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