Red Bull Megaloop Challenge Contest – 2017

On September 13th 2017, Red Bull Megaloop Challenge took place in Zandvoort – Holland, 16 worldwide best riders were selected for the show and competition was intense.

Megaloop challenge, is coming from concept started by Ruben Lenten few years ago, it consist by performing Kitesurfing including high jumps and Kite Loop.

Riders selected were the following:

  1. Lasse Walker
  2. Tieme Rietveld
  3. Martijn Van Hoepen
  4. Marius Hoppe
  5. Antoine Clerc
  6. Steven Akersdijk
  7. Kevin De Smidt
  8. Rens Van Der Schoot
  9. Thomas Vidal
  10. Ryan De Witte
  11. Nick Jacobsen
  12. Bram Fauth
  13. Ross Dillon
  14. Louk Timmer
  15. Joshua Emanuel
  16. Gijs Wassenaar

After final selection of best jumps and elimination ladder, Joshua Emanuel wins the concept.

Below a video of his best jumps during the megaloop challenge.



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